These days, a group of young people headed by Thomas Sonne are cycling 1,000 kilometres across Denmark. The tour is organised by the successful project Young People at the Top, and it is not the first time they travel across the country. Young People at the Top is a programme for young people on social security, and it consists of 18 weeks of intense training focussing on diet and exercise, personal counselling and company internships. The goal is to help the participants exchange the social security for an education or a job.

The programme is conducted in close cooperation with the business community in Aabenraa Municipality, which provides internships that often result in employment.

The programme is supported by several local companies:
Fogtmann Logistik
H.P. Therkelsen
Nagel Group
Lauge Transport
In-Truck Auropolstring
U Move

Photo: Aabenraa Municipality