Thomas Sonne has trained within the Danish Defence, but in recent years he has been self-employed within the HR sector. Throughout his work life, Thomas has trained young people and launching Young People at the Top together with Aabenraa Municipality thus came natural to him. The concept helps young people on social security to find employment, e.g. via physical training. Because, as Thomas says, ‘Physical fitness equals mental fitness’. Young People at the Top grooms young people for entering the labour market. And that is exactly what drives Thomas and his team. Their goal is to help the young people find employment or get an education.

But the young people and Thomas are not the only ones who are happy with the positive development. The companies offering the young people work placement and thus an opportunity to experience and grapple with the labour market also benefit from it. They see the young people grow and find the courage to advance within the labour market. ‘The companies do this to help the young people, and we are always looking for new collaborators in the local business community’, says Thomas Sonne.

TV Syd has followed Thomas Sonne and the project. Watch the programme here: