Today was the first day of the annual Transport Week for 10th-form students in Aabenraa Municipality.

This year, first-year students (core course 1) from EUC SYD and IBC also participate in the event. This means that a total of 190 students will be visiting 14 different transport companies in the course of week 41.

On the first day, the students were given an introduction to the industry and the kinds of jobs available at Padborg Transport Centre. In addition, five current and previous apprentices from Padborg talked about what it is like to be an apprentice in the transport industry.

‘We hope Transport Week can make the many students about to choose an education realise that Padborg is home to lots of interesting jobs’, says Director of Padborg Transport Centre Jesper Schimann Hansen.

Thanks to the young speakers, the schools and the many companies that contribute to this year’s Transport Week.

Many thanks to FDE Fonden, whose support has been vital to this year’s Transport Week.