Mayor of Aabenraa Jan Riber Jakobsen were given a chance to discuss the future of the Port of Aabenraa when Minister for Transport Thomas Danielsen visited the Town Hall.

Last Thursday morning, Minister for Transport Thomas Danielsen met with Mayor of Aabenraa at the Town Hall to discuss a series of transport-related subjects, not least the importance of expanding the Port of Ensted.

“The Minister for Transport and I talked about the future of the Port of Aabenraa, as a unanimous Aabenraa City Council is currently focussing on supporting a busy and sustainable industrial port of national and international importance,” says Mayor Jan Riber Jakobsen.

The Port of Aabenraa already plays a key role in the shipping of raw materials for construction and agriculture as well as large wind turbine parts. In the future, though, the port may become even busier.

“The services provided by the port are in increasing demand. Therefore, we need to invest in an expansion of the Port of Ensted to make sure it will continue to play a key role in the security of supply. More specifically, the port should be able to handle still larger elements in the future, and the fuel produced at the new PtX facility needs to be shipped to other parts of the world. So, we are bound to see more activity in the port in the future,” says Mayor of Aabenraa Jan Riber Jakobsen.

Minister for Transport Thomas Danielsen and Mayor Jan Riber Jakobsen also discussed the partly state-funded motorway bridge in Padborg, which became a reality after the municipality – with the help of political spokesmen for traffic from South Denmark and members of the Transport Committee – managed to convince Parliament of the necessity of the bridge. Back in 2021, the Council decided to allocated DKK 25 million to the bridge to support transport in Padborg and the local business community.

Finally, the Mayor and the Minister for Transport discussed whether the state could help improve facilities at the local train stations, including installing an elevator and improving access to toilets in the stations in Rødekro and Padborg.