State co-financing makes new motorway bridge in Padborg a reality. Aabenraa Municipality has invested DKK 25 million in the project, and Mayor Jan Riber Jakobsen is happy to see the area get the lift it needs.

Padborg Transport Centre is growing. It is currently home to 2.000 jobs, and every day 7,000 lorries cross the border.

“In short, I am proud that we – together with political spokesmen for traffic from South Denmark and members of the Transport Committee – managed to persuade Parliament that the new bridge is justified. With the new bridge, the motorway will no longer be a barrier to businesses and people working in Padborg who are interested in using the area west of the motorway. The new bridge will be a boon to existing as well as new businesses,” says Mayor of Aabenraa Jan Riber Jakobsen and adds:

“Aabenraa Municipality already allocated DKK 25 million to the project under the previous City Council. I would like to thank the Council for being willing to allocate funds to such an important project in advance back in 2021. This once again demonstrates our willingness to support the continued growth of the local business community.”

Back in August, the Aabenraa City Council agreed to let three of the allocated DKK 25 million be used on preparatory work and planning. This was to create the best, technical basis for the project.

The local business community has also supported the new bridge, which will further improve conditions for businesses in the area.

“There is no doubt that Parliament’s commitment to the project is good news to businesses based in Padborg Transport Centre, just as it is a boon to companies considering relocating to the area. It creates optimum infrastructure for the benefit of the local business community and it helps to make the gateway to Europe even more accessible to national as well as international transport. Padborg Transport Centre is growing, and a lot of companies are interested in setting up in Padborg because of its proximity to Germany and the excellent infrastructure. And of course, the new bridge is a big plus,” says Head of Business and Sustainability at Aabenraa Municipality Helle Malene Kjølsen Olsen.

Mayor of Aabenraa Jan Riber Jakobsen is looking forward to seeing the bridge take shape:

“Now I look forward to following the construction work, eventually inaugurating the new bridge and seeing the many businesses, workers and citizens in the area use it,” he says.

The political parties behind the road section of the 2023 Infrastructure Plan – Future Danish Roads (Infrastrukturplan 2023 – Fremtidens Veje) have approved recommendations for a series of projects throughout the country, all of which shall improve the traffic-related connection between town and countryside, including the Padborg motorway bridge.

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