The Danish team from Skifter Lastbil A/S in Padborg, Padborg Diamonds, recently participated in Renault Trucks’ international competition RTEC 2019 after having become Nordic champions in May this year. They took 15th place in the competition.

‘As expected, we faced fierce competition, and all the teams were very close in terms of points at the individual stations. Seeing as the teams competing in the finals represented the 24 best teams out of a total of 1,642 teams, there was no doubt that all the teams were very talented. My team did an amazing job, and we were very proud to get 20 out of 20 possible points at one of the stations. So all things considered, it was a great experience, and we were very pleased to take 15th place out of 1,642 teams’, says Works Manager Dennis Heldt.

The 24 best teams in the world demonstrated their skills at a series of practical and theoretical tests in realistic workshop surroundings. Each team consisted of four employees, who represented key service market positions: recipient, diagnosis specialist, mechanic and works manager.