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GateDenmark is a leader in the field of transport and logistics, both on land and at sea. With its capabilities and unique competencies, servicing around the clock, throughout the year, as well as its location in the middle of the Jutland Corridor, right by the German border – GateDenmark is the ideal gateway between the Nordic region, Europe and the rest of The World.


GateDenmark is the collective name for the many transport, service and logistics companies that are found in and around Padborg Transport Centre, as well as in the rest of Aabenraa Municipality, where, among other things, the Port of Aabenraa can be mentioned as an important transportation hub. With a unique location, close to the German border and right in the Jutland Corridor. Via the E45/A7, we operate as a transportation and logistics gateway to and from Europe. We are ideally located with regards to transport via ship, train, road and air – and we offer all kind of services to transport operators around the clock, eg maintenance and repair of all truck brands. Our fundamental ambition is to strengthen the growth of the existing companies and to create a favourable environment for new companies in the area.
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International Supply Chains

GateDenmark has some of Europe’s most professional logistics, warehousing and transportation companies, who, amongst other things, support the development of international E-commerce. The location right by the Danish/German border gives market access to the whole of the Nordic region, Europe and the rest of the world.

High-class data connections

Fast and reliable high capacity Internet is a prerequisite for efficient logistics and transport. GateDenmark has secure, high-class data connections to the entire world, as well as advanced IT-solutions.

Fantastic growth opportunities

A unique infrastructure, access to business areas, fast municipal business service, as well as optimised district plans that give the possibility of rapid establishment. With accessibility to international know-how as well as service and supplier competencies, GateDenmark’s transport companies have optimal growth conditions.


GateDenmark is the sum of all the transport, logistics and service companies in Aabenraa Municipality. Together, we are stronger. With a number of large organisations and associations behind us, we are powerful and effective. GateDenmark is a registered trademark, and we take good care of our companies and their employees.


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