Aabenraa Municipality has just adopted a new set of general terms and conditions of sale for industrial land, and in continuation hereof, it has put all of its industrial building land up for sale again with 17 September at 12:00 noon as the bid deadline.

Among other things, the duty to construct has been changed, and this means that for most of the land the plot ratio has been reduced. The reservation conditions have also been adjusted.

Please note that the municipality has also put new attractive industrial land up for sale in Padborg west of the motorway.

Read the terms and conditions of sale here

See the list of industrial land for sale here

New land for sale by Padborg

Want to know more? Please contact Ellen Kankelborg at eka@aabenraa.dk or +45 73 76 70 10.

NB: This picture is a preliminary sketch as regards the location of the continuation of Skandinavienvej and Kejsergade and the size of the sites. Aabenraa Municipality is working on establishing a motorway bridge from Kejsergade, and DKK 25 million have been allocated to financing part of it. However, the municipality cannot guarantee that it will be realised.