If everything goes according to plan, it will soon be possible to produce the green fuel e-methanol at a new industrial area by Kassø. Among other things, e-methanol will be used as a sustainable fuel on the world’s first e-methanol-powered container ship. The area will be the first in the country for commercial e-methanol production, and we are proud that Aabenraa Municipality has once again proven to be a front runner within green energy for future transport and logistics!

The decision to implement the plans for the new industrial area was made yesterday by the Committee for Planning, Technology and Rural Districts, which at the same time launched a public hearing period. So if you have ideas and suggestions for the new area, please write to plan@aabenraa.dk before 16 March. Read more here: https://www.aabenraa.dk/politik-og-dialog/dagsordener-og-referater/udvalget-for-plan-teknik-og-landdistrikter/2022-02-01-1200-8046/ (case no 19).