In Susanne Provstgaard, the transport centre by the Danish-German border has got a highly experienced new chairman of the board. Her extensive experience from the transport industry, i.a. as partner of the transport and logistics company DTK Group ApS, will greatly benefit Padborg Transport Centre.

Susanne Provstgaard is the new chairman of the board at Padborg Transport Centre, which currently has just under 100 active member companies. Due to her membership of the Aabenraa City Council, Susanne Provstgaard is already a familiar face.

She replaces Peter Therkelsen, who has chaired the board at Padborg Transport Centre the past seven years. Peter Therkelsen will continue as a common member of the board and thus contribute to the development of the centre.

As a member of the board since the establishment of the association, Susanne Provstgaard has detailed knowledge of Padborg Transport Centre – as well as great experience from similar companies within the transport industry.

Together with her husband, she created the Padborg-based transport and logistics company DTK Group ApS from the ground up. Today, the company has a turnover in the order of billions. In 2021, she retired from the day-to-day running of the company, but continues to be chairman of Dansk Transport Kompagni A/S and a member of the board at DTK Group ApS.

Previously, Susanne Provstgaard was a member of the board at Business Aabenraa as well as a member of the board of representatives at Jyske Bank.

As chairman of the board at Padborg Transport Centre, Susanne Provstgaard will continue the positive development the centre has seen since its establishment in 2015, which has made it a central player in Danish and international transport and logistics.

For more information, please contact Susanne Provstgaard at +45 20 92 22 76.

For more information about Padborg Transport Centre, please contact Director Jesper Schimann Hansen at +45 61 44 24 04.


Board of Padborg Transport Centre with Chairman Susanne Provstgaard.
From the left: Jesper Schimann Hansen, Michael Justesen, Grethe Harmuth (new), Thomas Henriksen, Birgit Thomsen (retiring), Jan Knudsen, Peter Therkelsen, Allan Kjær Van der Sterren, Susanne Provstgaard, Henrik Thykjær.