The staff at DTK in Padborg began the day with breakfast, congratulations and speeches, because today logistics employee Laurids Pedersen (to the right) celebrates his 15th anniversary.

Over the years, Laurids has played a number of roles and worked both as a driver, warehouse operative and been responsible for the day-to-day inspection of DTK’s lorries and trailers. Furthermore, he has played a main part in Transport Day, where a number of lower secondary school pupils visit haulage contractors in Aabenraa Municipality. Laurids is very experienced and up-to-date on the transport and logistics industry.

In addition, Laurids has been partly responsible for the rows of flags by the entrance to Padborg Transport Centre. Laurids is a well-liked colleague, who is always ready to lend a hand – both in the warehouse and if one of his colleagues have run out of driving hours and has to be collected.

DTK can continue to enjoy Laurids’ work and good company until he retires next year.