Even though Padborg Transport Centre can pride itself of being the largest transport centre in Northern Europe, it does not rest on its laurels. In just a few years, the centre has seen the completion of several new constructions and expansions, and more are on the way.

1. Lastas
Is building a 20,000-square metre storage hotel and offices.

2. Erik Petersen
Is building a 3,500-square metre warehouse.

3. Tricolore
Is building another warehouse at the site of the old freight centre. The new warehouse will measure 5,700 square metres.

4. Thermo-Transit
Is building a 24,000-square metre distribution centre.

5. Eurobulk
Is building a 900-square metre eco-friendly workshop with a car wash.

6. DTK
Has added 3,500 square metres of modern rack storage to its current facilities.

If you wish to be part of Padborg Transport Centre, please contact Jesper Schimann Hansen at +45 61442404 or jsh@padborgtransportcenter.dk