Padborg Transport Centre is about to become a test centre for new technologies and systems. We are therefore establishing a Network for Digital and Green Transition targeted at the transport and logistics industry.

The network will enable the participating companies to receive and offer feedback, it will support their digital and green transition, and it will act as a hub for project development in the Padborg test centre. The objective is to document – through pilot projects and new collaborations – that joint solutions can help us gain competitive advantages and open new markets of benefit to the participating companies.

On 22 September, local companies met for a workshop and brainstorming session focussing on ideas for potential joint projects within the auspices of the test centre at Padborg Transport Centre. On this basis, four ideas have been selected – from low-hanging fruit in the form of green waves and biofuel through joint infrastructures and preparation for electrical lorries to testing of autonomous technologies and future solutions including central fleet control and driverless goods management.

We need to work together if we are to continue to be a leading player. Participate in the inaugural meeting in the new Network for Digital and Green Transition in Padborg Transport Centre.

Date: Tuesday 19 January 2021
Time: 8:00-10:30
Location: Padborg Transport Centre, 4 Toldbodvej, Padborg


  • Welcome and coffee
  • Framework of the Network for Digital and Green Transition
  • Test centre at Padborg Transport Centre
    – Summary and visions from workshop on 22 September 2020
    – Objective: a test centre focussing on green transition and driver-less technologies in Padborg
    – Presentation of the demonstration projects (levels 1-4)
    – Business potential as a basis for collaboration. Presentation of HC.
  • Inspirational presentation
  • Project development
    – What will happen in the short run? (Groups)
    – Summary of next step in groups
  • Round-off – date of next meeting

The new network is supported by Aabenraa Municipality and is open to all companies in the municipality.
Join the network via Padborg Transport Centre. Contact Jesper Hansen at or +45 79304004.