For some years now, Danish transport companies have suffered from theft of and from lorries, fuel and freight. At the same time, the industry is facing new forms of crime, including cybercrime.

Companies may find useful information and inspiration for securing their freight, vehicles and buildings and for preventing fire in the latest edition of the safety manual.

Among others, the manual addresses the following questions:

  • How do you establish a good security and safety culture in your company?
  • How do you assess the risk of e.g. burglary, and how should you act subsequently?
  • How do you prevent cybercrime?
  • What can you do to make sure the company can continue to operate in the event of a major crisis?

The manual also includes useful appendices for companies wanting to draw up their own safety manual.

The safety manual is produced by the South Jutland Police, ITD (business association for professional transport and logistics companies) and Business Aabenraa.