On Thursday 3 February 2022, the country’s first LNG facility for heavy vehicles opened at Q8 in Padborg.

Among the speakers were Deputy Chairperson of Padborg Transport Centre Susanne Provstgaard.

You can read her speech below:

Susanne Provstgaard’s speech at the opening of the LNG facility at Q8 in Padborg on Thursday 3 February 2022

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Q8 on the new station. Thank you for inviting me to say a few words and for inviting us all to this festive inauguration of the first LNG facility in the country. It is something we can all be proud of, and therefore I would like to congratulate not just Q8, but the entire Padborg transport and industrial area.

At Padborg Transport Centre, we are happy that Q8 has chosen to place the facility right here. And considering our unique location by the E45 and the daily concentration of lorries in the area – more than 7,000 lorries cross the border every day and around half of them stop in Padborg – it makes really good sense!

We all know that transport and logistics is indispensable for our economy, society and social cohesion. We play a unique role in Danish import and export, and we create value for the entire municipality, the entire country and for Europe. Padborg acts as the link between Denmark and the rest of the EU, and several of the companies located here also have destinations outside the union.

At national level, the goal is to reduce our environmental impact by 70 per cent by 2030 and become completely climate neutral by 2050.

There is no doubt that we must work hard to achieve the 70-per cent goal, and it is therefore vital that we, the transport industry, introduce transitional elements that represent steps in the right direction – even though these steps were previously believed to be too expensive compared to the resulting climate benefits.

The climate and the green transition are on the agenda throughout Padborg Transport Centre. And today’s inauguration of the first LNG facility in the country shows that the transition has come off to a great start, and it will come to characterise Padborg Transport Centre and the industry in general.

At Padborg Transport Centre, we are proud to have been part of this development from the beginning, when Q8 first began to invest in alternative LNG fuel. We have supported the development the past five or more years.

And that is why today represents a milestone, as we can now finally open the gas facility!

And we can add the facility to the long list of services offered at Padborg Transport Centre. It increases our value and gives us a competitive edge – no doubt about it. But the facility also represents the strong network here in Padborg. Padborg Transport Centre is characterised by strong cooperation and commerce between the companies housed here, which help each other out with all kinds of things. And today, Q8 in Padborg can help us all take another step forward in our green transition.

Padborg is famous for its pragmatic approach – which I think is especially evident from the fact that we make an active effort instead of just waiting for others to provide the solutions.

But a lot still has to be done before the green transition is completed – also politically. We need to introduce a structure and legislation which ensures that the right solution for the environment and the climate is also the best solution for our business community. Realising that Rome was not built in a day is vital, and what we witness here today is a major step in the right direction.

This should be clear to everyone.

We need to adjust the duties on alternative fuels to encourage more to choose a greener solution. Without making transport more expensive.

In Padborg alone, Danish duties on diesel contribute with DKK 500 million a year. The Government, Parliament and the public need to realise the importance of adjusting the duty structure, making it greener. Otherwise we will miss out on the proceeds when diesel is phased out, and the transport industry may come to a halt while other industries keep going.

You at Q8 know that it takes time to build such an infrastructure. You do it to increase awareness of a more sustainable product that is already available. And that is why we have chosen to establish this first station.

There is no reason to wait.

You invest in the ongoing journey and transition from conventional fuels through LNG and LBG gas to power- and hydrogen-based solutions.

Power-based solutions are still too limited to be useful to heavy transport. That is why we welcome this alternative. Knowing full well that we will see a development towards new alternatives.

So what do we do now? First and foremost, our desire and need for change does not end here. We have here a serious and realistic solution. Clearly, gas as a fuel must be a good investment – both for the companies and for society. When Q8 can present us with a solution that is able to power heavy vehicles using non-fossil fuels, it is a good business case – and we need to be better at communicating these to the politicians and the public who only deal with lorries when they pass them on the motorway.

In addition, we need to continue to exert pressure and plead our cause in order to get access to more and larger subsidy pools. We need to continue to tell the politicians that the more sceptical they are, and the longer they postpone the transition, the harder it will be to meet the requirements facing both us, the industry, and the politicians.

Padborg Transport Centre plays a key role in the Danish transport and logistics industry. We have the willpower and the ability to strengthen the industry and the companies – while at the same time supporting the green transition. And today’s inauguration of the new LNG facility shows that we have the resources and the perfect framework for supporting Denmark’s continued business with the entire world.

Once again, congratulations on the new station – both to Q8 and to Padborg Transport Centre.