Last week, Nagel Group and Tricolore from Padborg Transport Centre visited the Duborg School in Flensburg for business day.

During the day, the two companies gave 60 first-year students an introduction to the industry and the many training and job opportunities that await them in Padborg after graduation. Many of the students come from minority schools and therefore speak both Danish and German. Seeing as many Padborg-based companies have German clients, collaborators and staff, and Germany is the country’s main export market, the students’ language skills are a great plus for companies in the border area.

During business day, they discussed working hours, tasks, culture, wages and more, and Lucas from Nagel, who is training to become a forwarding agent, told the students why he had chosen a career as a forwarding agent and talked about his workday and training programme.

Finally, Maria Heesch and Jesper Schimann Hansen from JobGateDenmark and Padborg Transport Centre, respectively, told the students about the diversity of industries and many job opportunities at Padborg Transport Centre.