On 1 October, Padborg Transportcenter got a new director, when Finn Sørensen handed over the job to Jesper Schimann Hansen. Finn Sørensen has been a part of Padborg Transportcenter since the association’s start-up in 2015 and is now handling over a healthy association with more than 100 members to Jesper Schimann Hansen.

‘An era is over, if you can say it that way. Finn has done a really good job during the establishment and has created a good foundation, which I can now take over and continue working with. We are entering into a new era’, says the new director, Jesper Schimann Hansen.

Knowledge of the industry, the right skills and the interest were important
Jesper was carefully selected when Padborg Transportcenter was looking for a new director.

‘When we needed to find a new profile, one of the most important points was that the person should be local and have local knowledge. He should know the industry and be known within the industry. Jesper has been in this area for many years, so he knows the businesses down here and they know him. In addition, Jesper has the right skills and the interests which are relevant for the path that the board would like to take’, says Finn Sørensen.

Opportunities in Padborg must be highlighted
In addition to recruiting members and strengthening the community in Padborg, the new director also has other important items on the agenda.

‘There is no doubt that when companies move here or have business in the area, then there is focus on sustainability, and that we have some technological opportunities with 5G’, Jesper Schimann Hansen concludes.

Members, cooperation partners and friends are invited to a Welcome and Farewell reception today, Friday, 1 November, from 15:00 to 17:00 at Padborg Transportcenter, where there will be an opportunity to thank Finn for his efforts and to welcome Jesper.