Heavy transport faces great changes in the years to come, as we transition to new fuels and technologies while seeking to maintain our mobility.

Today, a broad network of truck stations and transport centres service the many lorries and other heavy vehicles transporting goods around the country and to and from Europe. These facilities need to prepare for future technologies. So says Drivkraft Danmark, whose members supply the Danish transport sector with energy:

‘As new technologies such as electricity, hydrogen and PtX fuels become more and more widespread within heavy transport, we urge the truck stations to keep up with these changes and make the new fuels available to their customers’, says Director of Drivkraft Danmark Jacob Stahl Otte.

‘When it comes to the green transition in transport, it is vital that green solutions and the interplay between energy, technologies and other services for hauliers and lorry drivers are merged, just as new technologies must be integrated into the development of truck stations and transport centres’.

Busy Padborg Transport Centre is a good example of how ongoing dialogue with local authorities and the many actors – hauliers, service partners, fuel suppliers etc. – supports the ongoing development of the centre and the green transition in heavy transport. According to Drivkraft Danmark, the state road authorities should participate in this dialogue and support initiatives such as Aabenraa Municipality’s plans to expand the transport centre on the western side of the E45 to make room for new technologies such as electricity and hydrogen. Such an extension will probably require building a new motorway bridge linking the new areas with the existing areas and facilities.

‘Members of Drivkraft Danmark are in continuous dialogue with the many hauliers, seeking to identify the elements that need to be available in the truck stations today as well as in the future if they are to meet the demands of their customers. It is vital that the transport centres, municipalities and the state support this development. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to see Padborg Transport Centre and Aabenraa Municipality consider the future need for room for new forms of energy today’, Jacob Stahl Otte concludes.

Director of Drivkraft Danmark Jacob Stahl Otte, jso@drivkraftdanmark.dk, + 45 33 45 65 16 / + 45 31 38 28 58

About Drivkraft Danmark
Drivkraft Danmark is an industry and employers’ organisation supplying drivers, the transport sector and the LPG industry with fuel, recharging points and various other services. The industry supplies the sector with energy through two Danish refineries and 2,200 petrol stations, charging stations and truck centres all over the country.