Contino has chosen to consolidate a large part of their Danish activities in Padborg. They saw the benefits of this location, and it was therefore natural to move the trucking carrier THM, which today is owned by Contino, from Kolding to Padborg, where almost all facilities for transport and logistics companies are gathered in one location.

Padborg is Just the Right Place
‘We are constantly considering what the company should look like and what should be developed. THM primarily deals with trucking for third parties. They have been doing this out of Kolding for 14 years. THM also started doing freight forwarding on their own when they got some cars that were suitable for this purpose, but the freight section was too small, and it was therefore decided that THM should concentrate on the trucking section. So, we chose to hand over the freight section to Contino Transport here in Padborg. And then it was an obvious decision to move the office from Kolding to Padborg. In that way, the activities were consolidated in a more convenient way’, says Managing Director, Allan Jepsen.

As a result, most of Contino’s Danish activities are now gathered in Padborg. From a logistical point of view, this is the right place to be, according to Allan Jepsen.

‘Having the activities in one location works well. The facilities in Padborg are better for a trucking carrier like THM. In Padborg, everything is more concentrated when dealing with cars. The entire service area in Padborg is gathered in one area and is open 24 hours a day. And Contino’s activities are centralised with own tank installations and facilities – giving us more space’, Allan Jepsen elaborates.

The Staff Moved Along to Padborg
Allan Jepsen was nervous whether the staff would move along when THM’s activities were moved from Kolding to Padborg. However, it quickly became apparent that there was no cause for concern.

Allan Jepsen says: ‘We were a little nervous when we had to move them, but fortunately they all chose to come along. So, we have one employee coming from Billund, one from Funen, one from Kolding and one from Haderslev, doing the commute to Padborg every day. Naturally, we are happy. We see it as an indication that they like working for us’.

Padborg is the Centre of the Turntable
Contino was founded in Esbjerg in 1982. The company started with freight forwarding of citrus fruits and wood – thus the yellow and green colours of the logo. In 1990, Contino moved to Padborg, to new buildings on Eksportvej 3. In the 1990s, the development within the transport and logistics industry accelerated in Padborg, which is the reason why Contino moved there in the first place, but Contino’s focus also changed so that it was no longer primarily citrus fruits and wood that Contino transported.

‘Padborg became the centre of the turntable, as we call it. It became the centre of our activities. We worked out of the buildings on Eksportvej, but after eight to nine years, the buildings on Industrivej were built because the buildings on Eksportvej had become too small. As of today, the Group’s head office is still on Industrivej’, Allan Jepsen adds.

Photo: Allan Jepsen, Managing Director of Contino