This land subdivision is located right next to the Padborg Transportcenter and with the possibility of full exposure toward the motorway, with easy access via Skandinavienvej which will be extended in 2020.
An attractive industrial area with good infrastructure, where there is quick and easy access to European and Scandinavian markets via E45.

Subdivisions and Buildings
Parcels are subdivided with a minimum size of 5000 m2.
There is a plot ratio of 50.

The Area is Included in District Plan # 6 ‘Industrial Area West of the Motorway at Padborg’
According to the district plan, facilities may be constructed or outfitted for transport companies as well as transport-related production, freight forwarding and service companies.
Service companies may be set up with facilities for the users of the area, such as cafeteria, filling stations and the like.
It is not possible to establish retail businesses or housing or other noise-sensitive uses, such as the hotels and accommodation facilities for drivers.

Road Access
The area must be accessed from Skandinavienvej, and Aabenraa Municipality will initiate the extension of Skandinavienvej in 2020.

The Purchase Price
The area is offered for sale at a price of DKK 90/m2 + VAT.

Hear More
If interested, please contact the land sales representative at Aabenraa Municipality, Ellen Kankelborg at +45 7376 7010 or

The area is sold as undeveloped land, so the land purchase price does not include the costs of electricity, water, heat and sewerage, removal of any land-based ancient monuments, costs of overpass construction etc. as well as expenses for the land surveyor for the subdivision of the land and expenses for own advisor for the preparation and registration of deeds and payment of registration fees etc.