Last Tuesday, the Aabenraa Finance Committee adopted the municipality’s first ever industrial strategy, Ambitious Green Development. The strategy was produced together with the local business community and it outlines how Aabenraa Municipality shall support the continued growth and development of local businesses.

The industrial strategy, Ambitious Green Development, was adopted by the Aabenraa Finance Committee last Tuesday. The strategy was produced together with the local business community and charts a business course for Aabenraa Municipality.

“We will keep one foot firmly planted in what we are really good at in Aabenraa Municipality, and which merely requires some fine-tuning and adjustment. And with the other foot we will step into the future and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the transitions and improvement opportunities available. The strategy charts a course for local industrial development and thus lets companies and investors know what to expect. The main strength of the industrial strategy is that it was produced for and together with the business community,” says Major Jan Riber Jakobsen and adds:

“Qua the new strategy, we aim to develop an even closer relationship with the local business community. While working on the strategy, we have listened to input and suggestions from local businesses received in autumn 2022. This means i.a. that we in the future will be hosting an annual business event where local businesses can meet us and each other and get feedback and exchange experiences.”

The municipality’s new strategy consists of three parts: business-friendly municipality, green industrial development, and recruitment and events. The three parts relate to the City Council’s Development Strategy – The Good Life 2035 as well as its Strategy for Sustainable Development and Climate Plan.

“It is an ambitious strategy, and it includes a series of goals which we will follow up on regularly – together with the local business community. Aabenraa Municipality strives to be an attractive location for businesses. This includes anything from the first service provided by the municipality, through the all-important green transition – where the business community and the municipality can achieve more if we work together – to an increased focus on ensuring that local businesses have access to qualified labour supported by a strong settlement focus,” says Jan Riber Jakobsen.

The industrial strategy is supported by annual business events, the first of which has been scheduled for 28 February 2023. All local businesses are invited to the event, which shall focus on strengthening information and dialogue.

Read the industrial strategy here