Once again, the Port of Aabenraa has proved its importance to industry and commerce in the Region of Southern Denmark, and so far it has seen great progress in 2020. By the end of the third quarter, the port had managed more than 1.3 million tons of goods, which is a 23 per cent increase since last year.

Customers at the Port of Aabenraa mainly ship bulk products, and the port has seen progress for most of these product groups.

For example, the port has come to play an important role in the national handling of the COVID-19 situation, as a large share of the alcohol used in the production of hand sanitizer and the like now enters the country via the Port of Aabenraa.

The Port of Aabenraa expects the rest of 2020 to continue at the current level when it comes to bulk products. Add to this the fact that the port over the next few months will be unshipping more than 400 wind turbine tower sections. These unshipping projects have occupied all the port’s project goods sections, and it is therefore operating at full capacity.

In 2021, the Port of Aabenraa will expand at the site of the former power plant Enstedværket. Next summer it will thus take over 165,000 square metres from the Ensted Bulk Terminal. Once it has taken over the site, the port will have acquired more than 400,000 additional square metres, all located close to the deep water jetty (water depth of 18 metres), which will be open to environmental class 7 activities. The opportunity to set up an environmental class 7 company this close to a deep water jetty is unique not just to Denmark, but to Europe in general. And the Port of Aabenraa is already beginning to see significant interest in the new site.

Chairman of the Board Erwin Andresen says:

‘I am very pleased that our continued focus on being attractive to our customers has proven effective. In close cooperation with the port, our customers have managed to utilise the facilities provided by the Port of Aabenraa with positive results for both parties.

I also find that our decision to create the Port of Aabenraa by purchasing the sites of the former power plant Enstedværket was the right one. This is especially evident from RIMECO’s latest expansion of its activities in the area.

I look forward to further developing both the Port of Aabenraa and the Commercial Port of Aabenraa, where especially the development of the latter focusses on sustainability’.