The Port of Aabenraa is the largest commercial and embarkation port in the region connecting it with the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe. Due to its ideal geographic location, the port plays a vital role in the import and export of goods to and from Southern Jutland and Northern Germany. The constant flow of goods strengthens local industry and agriculture, and more than 2,000 jobs depend on the Port of Aabenraa, which itself is home to 300 jobs (17 in the port organisation) distributed across 52 businesses.

The Port of Aabenraa is a multifunctional port open to nearly all types of goods, though it has specialised in two specific types of goods: bulk and project goods. Bulk goods are either dry or liquid unwrapped goods, e.g. grain, cement, crushed granite and sand, and project goods mainly include wind turbine and offshore components. 380 ships call into port at Aabenraa each year, and three tons of goods arrive every minute 24 hours a day all year round.

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